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I was extremely satisfied with the customer service that I received. It was fast and friendly. Everything progressed quickly and all of my questions were answered with clear answers. The entire process was seem less and convenient. I was able to communicate via email if need be, or able to call and have questions answered just as easily. I was in a unique situation as I was going to be away for training during closing but every accommodation was made to ensure that we were still able to close in the day we had planned. I enjoyed working with Alex who always followed through in a timely manner. I would highly recommend USA home loans and plan on doing so in the future.


Priscilla L. | 7/10/2018

I really thought USA Home Loans was absolutely the lender I needed! They got back with me every time I needed to speak with them, in fact, there were times when I didn't need them and they would call me just to see how I was doing! They gave me a new life. I would refer them to everyone in need of refinancing their home or even with purchasing a new home. I am a real estate agent, so they will get my referrals.


Annette C. | 7/6/2018

Great customer service went out of their way to help us even coming across town so we could close on time


Clinton C. | 6/27/2018

We closed our VA mortgage loan last week. They were Excellent! It was not an easy process, however, they were able to take us through the process clearly and efficiently. They were very knowledgeable. I dealt with them through email and that was very quick for me. I didn't have to leave the house other than the day of closing. Everybody was very helpful and patient. I absolutely recommend them.


Steven & Linda S. | 6/26/2018

All the staff at USAVA Lending are cordial and respectful. The loan originator was very good because he was organized and knows how to deal with people like me. He called me every time I had a question and he even gave me his cell number. He answers every time I call and in the right way. He calls me with any updates and answers all of my questions. I did not have to follow up with him, he would follow up with me. I told him when the processing was about to end, I like the way he does business and I would recommend him to a lot of my military friends and family. Although I have not met him in person, he sounds like a good family man. I trusted what he told me over the phone and it worked out


Carlito and Carmen A. | 6/26/2018

We refinanced our home about a month ago with USA Home Loans and we have been treated great. They answered all of our questions and concerns, definitely explaining the process clearly to us. This was our first experience with USA Home Loans we actually contacted them through a letter in the mail and glad we did.


Gilbert R. | 6/22/2018

Everything was done to perfection. We did not have any problems with the transaction. We faxed, they answered. They gave us guidance and they were very clear with their communication. The plainly explained the amount we were gong to get and they were going to make. The percentage came out like they said. I would immediately recommend them. There are so many people offering refinancing, but USAVA Lending came across with information without having your arm twisted. Everything fell in place like we wanted. The 30 year lock was successful and we got a good interest rate.


Emilio & Hortensia R. | 5/9/2018

USAVA Lending were great and wonderful. They took care of all my fears and problems I had. They were able to soothe me. My loan closed exactly when they said. Anytime I had a question they told me how to proceed and take care of things. I was very pleased. I am elderly and usually leery with dealing with online companies. I don't do well with those things, but they did a thorough job. They were patient with me, which was very important because when you are older you need more time to understand. They also walked me through all the scenarios. I would absolutely recommend them!


Raymond and Sharon G. | 03/26/2018

USAVA did a great job. Our loan originator exceeded all our expectations. I have bought and refinanced 11-12 homes in my life time and never had someone so friendly and concerned about my needs . He always answered the phone when ever I called and made sure everything went well. He was there 100% of the time even when I called on Saturday or Sunday. My phone calls never went to voicemail. He would call me to make sure he received what I sent and it was taken care of. There was always a follow up. When we got the wire transfer, he called to verify if it was funded. After everything was closed, he told me to call him if we have any questions anytime. This is the kind of service you would like to have, but you don't get that often. It was a pleasurable. USAVA Lending said what they were going to do and it was done as quickly as possible and they follow up. A lot of companies forget they are working for the customer. I would recommend USAVA Lending. Thanks!!!


David and Linda J. | 03/21/2018

I had a refinance done in January 2018. A lot of time I didn't get time to answer them immediately, so they made every attempt possible to reach me to get the necessary work done. They were very thorough and professional through the entire process. They were able to get me the extra money I needed to remodel my kitchen. They did a really good job in making sure I had everything in place for the process to move quickly. I definitely recommend them. They took the time out, even after hours to make sure I got them what they needed.


Desiree B. | 02/22/2018

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