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USA Home Loans are very professional and met every question I asked. If I called my loan originator she would get back with me and would have answers right away. She always called me back in a timely fashion and provided everything that I needed. I chose USA Home Loans because I liked their overall rating and their good reviews. I would recommend their services.


Anthony T. | 10/23/2018

USA Home Loans did great! They made it very simple and easy. They walked us through every step we needed to do. It was a very pleasant experience. Our loan originator was very helpful. We looked at several offers in the mail and we liked the way their letter was worded, the cash out option offer and the look of the letter was appealing. We would absolutely recommend them.


Ronald S. | 10/18/2018

USA Home Loans did a good job. I have used their services three times in the past. The Operations Manager and Executive Assistant took care of what I needed them to do. I got the rate I wanted and they closed the loan as quickly as they could even though VA extended the time between the refinancing. They are great! I would recommend them.


Michael H. | 10/8/2018

About 3 weeks ago we completed the re-mortgage of my home, to pay more money each month, so I can pay it off faster. They did a fabulous job, I've been really happy. The process was remarkable, quick and easy. They were really professional, things were done when they said they were going to done. Always kept me up to date with all necessary documents. I was so satisfied with my experience that I've already recommended them to about 6 different people.


Donna M. G. | 9/13/2018

USA Home Loans did a fine job. I got a mailer from USA Home Loans and they made it convenient. When I called they gave me some options and I was satisfied with what they had to offer. The Executive Assistant and Loan Originator were accommodating and explained things clearly. They were quick with sending and receiving my documents. I would recommend their services. My loan closed on time and I was completely satisfied.


Craig C. | 9/12/2018

We worked with USA Home Loans to secure a loan to purchase a home. Our expectations were met and surpassed. The Operations Manager and his associate did a ton of research to help us find the best home loan. They always answered our questions and responded to emails even on the weekend. (We found our house over the 4th of July weekend and they were right there with us to answer questions and get documents prepared for our offer.) They absolutely provided prompt and thorough services. We will for sure recommend everyone to them. They have been extremely easy to work with, knowledgeable, and friendly.


Collin and Leslie S. | 8/23/2018

USAVA Lending exceeded my expectations. Our deal was through a private owner. They took care of every problem immediately and kept me informed every step of way. We bought houses before and they really got it together and know what they were doing. The Executive Assistant and Loan Originator were way ahead of everything and they made things real easy. At times, they made the title company look like amateurs because they had to advise them what to do. We had a close date in mind. I would not be able to find anybody better. I got the rate I wanted and my loan closed on time. I would definitely recommend their services. They made our dreams come true by the way it all happened!


David and Gay R. | 7/13/2018

I was extremely satisfied with the customer service that I received. It was fast and friendly. Everything progressed quickly and all of my questions were answered with clear answers. The entire process was seem less and convenient. I was able to communicate via email if need be, or able to call and have questions answered just as easily. I was in a unique situation as I was going to be away for training during closing but every accommodation was made to ensure that we were still able to close in the day we had planned. I enjoyed working with Alex who always followed through in a timely manner. I would highly recommend USA home loans and plan on doing so in the future.


Priscilla L. | 7/10/2018

I really thought USA Home Loans was absolutely the lender I needed! They got back with me every time I needed to speak with them, in fact, there were times when I didn't need them and they would call me just to see how I was doing! They gave me a new life. I would refer them to everyone in need of refinancing their home or even with purchasing a new home. I am a real estate agent, so they will get my referrals.


Annette C. | 7/6/2018

Great customer service went out of their way to help us even coming across town so we could close on time


Clinton C. | 6/27/2018

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